Amilla Fushi hotel (a super luxurious resort hotel) in Baa Atoll, Maldives,in 2015     2015-11-03     1584

This project is for the biggest developer in Maldives which is called coastline Group, We have provided jobsite measurement and site installation instruction. The project is located in a super-luxury seven-star island called Amillaresort in Maldives.The first guest who stayed in this hotel after the opening was the Beckham with his family.

It’s extremely hot in Maldives. We did jobsite measurement and confirmed drawing under the sun. The the goods arrived the site, our team went to AmillaFushiagain as our clients need us to provide installation instruction.We have to say that the installation is really hard, because the project schedule is very tight and need to catch up with the opening of hotel. Every day we worked overtime till the early in the morningand got up early in the morning. But it’s worth it as the local workers learned how to install and a luxury AmillaFushi Resort was built after everyone’s efforts,

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