Curtain wall glass

Certifications:Glass - SGCC , IGCC

Certifications : Hardware

  1. The casting stainless steel products:

    Common Material: CF8, CF8M(ASTM A743/A743M)

    Optional Material: CD3MN(ASTMA890/A890M)

    Non-standard Material: Other requested casting stainless steel material which are similar to CF8, CF8M.

  2. The stainless steel products(sheet/tube/bar etc.):

    Common Material: 304,316(ASTM A276/A276M,ASTM A666, ASTM A269/A269M)

    Optional Material:2205(ASTM A276/A276M , ASTM A666, ASTM A269/A269M)

    Non-standard Material: Other requested material which are similar to 304,316

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